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The Bay City ISD Education Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the quality of education for all students. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

  • Jordan Piwonka, Tennie Holmes Elementry
    Jordan Piwonka, Tennie Holmes Elementry

    "As a Special Education teacher, I firmly believe in education based on real-life experiences. I hope that I teach my students to create, apply, and evaluate the world and not simply remember facts. The BCISD Educational Foundation allowed me to lead my classroom in building and maintaining a garden that integrates job skills, sensory needs, and academic learning. I am thankful to the Foundation for giving me a platform to make my "teacher dreams" a reality and for the support they continually offer our teachers and students through the grant program".

Our Impact This Year

The Education Foundation has had a significant impact on both students and teachers. For students, the foundation has provided opportunities for academic enrichment and personal growth that they may not have had otherwise. Through scholarships, grants, and other programs, the foundation has helped students pursue their education and achieve their goals. Teachers have also benefited from the foundation's support, with resources to enhance their instructional practices. As a result of the Foundation's efforts, students are better prepared for college and career, and teachers are better equipped to meet the needs of their students. Overall, the education foundation has made a positive impact on the entire community, helping to create a brighter future for all.

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