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BCISD Education Foundation Holds First Fundraising Event.

On Tuesday, October 8th, the Bay City ISD Education Foundation officially kicked off its Founders Campaign with a reception at Runnells Pierce Ranch. John and Jennifer Runnells generously hosted the Foundation’s board members and friends as they celebrated the non- profit’s creation and gathered donations in support of the group’s mission.

An education foundation is a non-profit created to support its local schools by raising funds to invest in innovative programs not funded through local, state or federal taxes. The BCISD Education Foundation was created this summer after Foundation President Elizabeth Hewitt and several board members realized that other school districts in the area are supported by education foundations.

The legislature provided some increase in school funding, but there is very little money for innovative programs. Hewitt spoke at the reception, “Our schools just do not get enough funding. If we can’t depend on others to lead this charge, we the people have to do our own community.”

72.4% of Bay City ISD students are considered economically disadvantaged. Yet the district’s schools have improved in performance, with the district moving up to a “B” rating. Hewitt stated, “I have no doubt that we have the passion and the experience to keep improving. To do that, we need good teachers, and we must keep our good teachers. Our teachers must feel supported and appreciated. Not just by the district, but by the community as well.”

The Education Foundation aims to enhance the district and campus improvement plans by supporting curriculum-based activities that are not funded by taxpayer dollars. The Foundation is on track to make its first grants in the spring to teachers who present creative classroom initiatives.

Foundation Board Member Helen McAda has been active in encouraging others to get involved. McAda pointed out, “The success of our schools is directly tied to the success of Bay City as a whole – financial success and our general well-being.”

McAda said, “A donation to the Education Foundation is an investment in your community. We hope you will consider investing in OUR KIDS by becoming a Founder.”

Tax-deductible donations may be sent to the Bay City ISD Education Foundation; P.O. Box 2007; Bay City, Texas 77404. Donations will be acknowledged in writing. Individuals and businesses who donate or pledge $1000 or more by the end of the year will be recognized as Founding Donors.